Saturday, December 5, 2015

Day #703

December 4, 2015

We went to buy a tree - a once-live tree. Helping out at the tree lot were a couple of men from the Transition Center Pre-Release program, described as “a cost-effective alternative to incarceration for offenders through a variety of community-based correctional/treatment programs.”

Men from Pre-Release have helped out at a couple of events at the congregation where I serve. I was talking with the person taking payment about the benefits of the program. I told him I was familiar with Pre-Release because I was the pastor at a church that had benefited from its helpers, and that I am glad they are at the tree lot. He then told me how much the program appreciates the congregation. He even said, “were it not for you folks, we would be in a world of hurt.”

What a wonderful testimony to those who have a passion to accompany folks in this situation! I’m pleased, too, that I was able to pass along the sentiment/conversation to one of them.


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