Thursday, December 10, 2015

Day #709

December 10, 2015

Making decisions is something we do every day. But, how do we make them? Maybe the answer depends on what the decision is about. Sometimes, with tougher decisions, I listen to the voice in my head, trying to discern if what it says comes from God. Other times I search to find some peace in my heart about a decision - which option seems to settle my heart instead of making it anxious.

The prayer from the d365 devotion brought to mind the thoughts about making decisions: Oh God, what shall I do? Help me to listen, to pay attention, and to respond to your presence that is alive and at work within me and within the world. Amen.

Perhaps the most important part of that prayer is not about making a decision, but about how I “respond.” Does what I think I hear move me to a response that is a building-up of a relationship, of the community, etc? Does what I think I hear move me to a response based in love, mercy or justice? What consequences might there be from my decision/response?

There is much to consider about decisions in these days where responses seem to be ending more often in violence or judgment. How can we help others listen, pay attention, and respond in a God-like way?


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