Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Day #479

April 24, 2015

Ok, d365 is really “speaking” this week. One more too good not to share. The “prayer” portion for April 24th:
Big-hearted-God, how amazing it is to be fully known and fully loved. Help me to look at those around me with a strong and loving heart. May I always remember that each person I encounter is your beloved child. Amen.
And then part of the “go” portion for the same day: “God, the Good Shepherd, who never leaves our side, travels with you into the day ahead - whatever it holds.”

Yes, Jesus the Good Shepherd. Always alert and watching out for us - ALL of us - equally loved and cared for. The Good Shepherd, always willing to pull us back, welcome us home, save us from trouble, and remain with and forever. What a promise!


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