Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Day #465

April 10, 2015

“The end of Christendom means it asks more of me.” Susan Briehl made this comment in her presentation, and it stuck with me. I took her to mean that the end of expecting everyone to believe there is a God who is the same Triune God (Father, Son and Holy Spirit) I understand God to be, and that not only is church important, but vital, means I need to step up and do more. More sharing, more living not just by action, but by word, and more teaching.

I suppose first I must agree that Christendom is ending. And I do. What I mean is that I believe Christians in the USA are becoming a minority. It seems to me more and more people see Christianity as something to “do” for only one hour a week (or every other, or once a month), rather than a way to live. There seems to be so much controversy in teaching that the message is garbled and watered down and the expectations of how we are to respond are too low. Not to say I don’t fall heavily on God’s work and grace in my life, and that I realize works does not save us, but I believe the expectation that God desires for us to do some digging deeper into faith, understanding and response is at an all-time low. After all, I see digging deeper also as a means to be more intentional in sharing, for Christ’s light shining through becomes brighter as we are decreased and God is increased. That may not make much sense, but I believe others can recognize a difference in someone who follows Jesus, and thereby see God, and that someone who follows Jesus more intentionally speaks about their faith. And the world hears, and God changes the world.

Let’s say this is a work in progress of how to articulate my thoughts – and how to be more intentional in teaching and inspiring. God does the changing, the saving, and the faith-giving, but I/we are God’s mouth, hands and feet in this world. And that does mean more of me/us!


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