Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Day #441

March 17, 2015

Julie Wilson began “God Pause” from Luther Seminary for March 17 with: “I recently read an article that said the average adult may make up to 35,000 choices each day.” Just reading that statistic made me weary. Do you ever get tired of making decisions? What should I wear? What will I eat for lunch? Should I make a phone call or write an article?

Perhaps I’m especially conscious of making choices right now due to being in the process of unpacking. Where should we put this? Which box is better to open? Where would that piece of furniture fit best?

Lest we not forget, however, there are also choices we make every day about our faith. Things like, is it important to pray every day? How often should I worship? Will they really miss me at that meeting, or class, or event, or can I do what I want to instead? Is scripture really the Word of God? Will I speak up about my faith in conversations with my boss, coworker, friend, colleague, teammate, etc.?

But I suppose the most difficult choice of all is … how do I make all these choices? :-)


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