Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Day #427

March 3, 2015

It was my fault and I readily admit that it was. But here is the deal...there are different traffic expectations in my new town. I make that statement that not as an excuse, but as a clarification of the reality of the situation. I am simply not accustomed to having four-way intersections without ANY stop signs in either direction. Yet, with that said, I confess I was in a hurry. But with reason. Running over something in the road sending two long screws into one of my tires necessitated an emergency trip to the tire store, before I had a complete flat tire.

“We can’t help you. It's too late in the day and that can't be repaired. You’ll have to get FOUR new tires (seems having an AWD vehicle means all four tires must be "worn" the same amount - who knew!?!?). I recommend a different tire store just down the street.” Not what I wanted to hear! After putting some additional air in the leaking damaged tire, I quickly headed to the other place.

In route (all of three minutes, thankfully) I had a thought - how about just going to the dealership. They know the car, they might have a tire that is suitable, they will be the logical choice - and it’s only a couple more minutes away. I should be able to make it there before the tire goes flat.

Now you understand my reason for being in a hurry! Except, in the five or six blocks to get to the dealership are a couple of those aforementioned four-way intersections. As I was just about to enter the second one, out of the corner of my eye I notice a car approaching to my right. That means I am supposed to yield, which I try to do, except I’m traveling a tad too fast, so the other car stops. But, of course, the other car isn’t just anyone - it’s a police officer - and my getting stopped in the middle of the intersection was not, repeat, NOT good. So when he waved me on, I just pulled over to the side of the road. I knew I was BUSTED!

Then comes a moment of grace in the midst of all this. In my humbled state, I must have looked pitiful, because he took mercy on me and only gave me a warning violation. With the admonishment, “If I hadn’t been paying attention, you wouldn’t have made it to the dealership to get that tire fixed.” True, and duly noted. Believe me, I will pay better attention!

Also believe me, I truly appreciate the kindness! Truly! Paying a ticket on top of a ruined tire with only 6,000 miles on it would NOT have been fun.


Oh, turns out heading to the dealership was helpful. Just the one tire has to be replaced, not all four. Not great, but better than it could have been! Whew!

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