Saturday, February 21, 2015

Day #417

February 21, 2015

Two moments of intersection occurred to me today. The first, it snowed. Which is not too surprising, but as my husband and I walked along on the sidewalk to run an errand, we noticed the unusual texture of the snow as it fell. Look, I thought, we're being welcomed to the west again. It’s snowing GRITS.

Now tell me,
my southern rooted friends,
doesn’t this look a lot like
a bowl of fine grits?!

The second thing was a line from a book I’m reading for Book Club called Down the Long Hills: “The boy had learned his lessons well, and was recalling now things he needed to know.” Well, isn’t that the idea behind prayer, study, and worship - Christian disciplines we especially focus on during the Season of Lent? So that we learn? So that we have some basics to reassure us when it is needed? So that when life weighs heavy, we are reminded of Who has claimed us, Who loves us without limits, and Who will always be with us? Yes, there is more to prayer, study, and worship than just something we should do or have to do.


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