Friday, February 20, 2015

Day #413

February 17, 2015

Often I have compared what it is to love with what it is to have faith. Neither of these words can be fully defined, or easily understood. After all, how can you define faith? Well, the dictionary says it is "complete trust or confidence in someone or something", especially in God. Yet, even with a textbook definition, how do you really explain it? I suppose it can take a lifetime to understand, and never do we fully.

Love is much like faith in being difficult to understand. We may not be able to adequately understand love or define it, but we surely know love when we experience it. I read a line that reminded me of this in a magazine article written by Daniel Wallace: “Because love is just a feeling, an idea, an abstraction, a word that tries to put a name to something essentially unnameable.”

Yes, that is love, just as it is faith. But for someone who loves, or has faith, it is certainly way more than just a feeling, an idea or an abstraction. It is everything.


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