Saturday, February 14, 2015

Day #405

February 9, 2015

Yesterday’s sermon included the thought that worship may just be the very time to find a quiet place to tend to our own spiritual well-being. It may be where, if even only for a few moments, we can pour out our hearts to Jesus, to be still at his feet, and to have our strength renewed. As much as a time to worship God, Sunday can also be a time to be refreshed and renewed by God.

As if in answer to the hope worship can be this time of renewal, I received a message from a good friend who is grieving the death of someone very close to them. The wish of the deceased was not to have a funeral or memorial service, which has been difficult for my heartbroken friend longing for a time of worship to say goodbye. It seems, however, that Sunday worship turned out to be that time. Hymns were sung and messages given that were just what was needed when it was needed.

My friend was thankful for the reminder that God does hear our prayers and knows our needs, and provides for them. And I was blessed to have this shared with me. We never know what folks are experiencing on any given Sunday, but God does!


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