Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Day #399

February 3, 2015

While studying the readings for this coming Sunday in our Text Study Group, we were contemplating how the writer of the Gospel of Mark tells the story of the Good News of Jesus in such a hurried way. There is quite the sense of immediacy to this gospel, as if everything happened in quick succession. Is it written that way to get the story on paper in a hurry? Is it to draw us in like an action movie does?

As we pondered, the image came to my mind of a little child, eager to tell the story of what has happened to them. Can’t you just imagine a three-year old telling about something like ice cream day at preschool? I had some ice cream…and then they put chocolate on it…and then sprinkles…and then we sat down…and then… You can imagine the excitement and wonder that only little children seem to have about such things as ice cream, parties, presents, first snowfalls, puppies, kittens, or whatever you imagine them telling you with joy and exuberance.

Which begs the question: what has happened today that often keeps the Good of News Jesus Christ from being told with same sort sort of eagerness or urgency?


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