Saturday, July 7, 2018

Day #1645

July 3, 2018

For nearly three years, Cindy fought against cancer. What started as trouble breathing was found to be much more than asthma or allergies. She was diagnosed with lung cancer, and it spread quickly, eventually going to her brain. 

She tried most everything and thanks to the doctors in Houston and the good care of many, she had some good times. Cindy was a nurse who was actually a very compliant patient. Her attitude was great, but her pain was also great and often she would say she didn’t pray for God to take away the pain completely, just make it a little easier to bear that day. 

Early in her diagnosis I sent this to her that I pirated from a store:

This was true for Cindy - cancer took much, as you will see below, but it never took her faith, her spirit, her laugh, her friendship. 

Cindy’s battle ended today. Words cannot adequately express how much I admire her and how I was awed by her strength. She taught me so much during the years of our friendship - how to laugh at myself, how to be more comfortable meeting folks, how to care for someone, how to have fun, how to talk to someone deeply about faith and trust in God, and so much more. To say I will miss her cheapens what I feel, but as long as I live, I believe her impact in my life will grow. 

Here are a few pictures that show who Cindy is:

This is one of the best pictures ever, I think, of Cindy. This is B.C. - before cancer.

She always had a thing for pirates. Who knows? 

A little taste of her sense of humor while enjoying one of her favorite meals - 
she called them crab ribs.

We spent some time together not long after her treatments began 
at her happy/peaceful place - the coast

The foursome (well, it only shows half of her hubby so maybe we should say 3.5 of us) 
took a trip to see the west coast (her 1st time) in sunny Southern California. 

And one of my favorites - her laughing. 
I'll always hear her laugh in my mind. Can't you almost feel her joy!

Cindy, I will always love you! Thank you for being my friend. Rest in peace!


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