Monday, July 2, 2018

Day #1641

June 29, 2018 

Routines are rather funny, I think. Doing things the same way, at somewhat the same time, can give way to many things becoming rote. For example, I don’t really think too much, or need to, about brushing my teeth. 

Some routines, however, make my life richer. Bible Study, worship, and prayer could all be considered routines that are positive in nature. My life is enhanced and my relationship with God grows deeper through these routines, or practices. 

Sermon writing is somewhat similar, a positive routine. There is a familiar rhythm that moves me along from reading the scripture texts for the first time early in the week to actually writing a sermon, usually on Friday, to preaching it Sunday morning. I suppose this is the reason that, because the routine has been interrupted for nearly three weeks, I’m finding it tougher to get back in the swing of writing. 

Nope, I have no inspiration, and Sunday is coming. Let’s hope Saturday goes better!!


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