Monday, June 4, 2018

Day #1611

May 30, 2018

As the time together came quickly to a close, another car trip and airplane ride(s) take me home. It is fun, however, to watch others in the airports - those who simply endure their time there, those who seem to enjoy it, those who look like they are headed for vacation, those who appear to be headed to difficult places/events. So many faces, with just as many stories to go with them, I imagine. Amazing!

But I will have to say this - there is very little “personal” space on an airplane. It puts new meaning to the lament of children in the back seat of a car crying out, he’s touching me!! Flying makes me regret those extra pounds I carry - if I could just be skinnier maybe I wouldn’t impose myself into the seat next to me. But, the reverse applies, too. How did I pull the short straw that had me sitting next to very large people on all four flights?!?! Oh well, it’s worth a little discomfort, I suppose, to get there. 

I know it was!


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