Saturday, July 30, 2016

Day #939

July 27, 2016 

A vacation day spent on the water - this is my husband with our “guide” for the day. A gorgeous day, even if fishing was challenging.

Then this “caught my eye” from the devotion “d365”
Grocery stores have a secret. They put products at eye level they really want you to buy. Companies pay extra to have certain brands right in front of your face. Are the products at this level better quality or a better bargain? No. They are simply right there. In fact, the better bargains, the bigger bang for your buck, and even the superior quality products are placed higher or lower on shelves. We have to look up or down and expend energy to reach them. 
Life has a way of putting the easy stuff in front of us. When we’ve been betrayed, revenge is often the first thing we see. When we encounter a challenge, settling for less is easier than striving for something God may have waiting for us. When someone is angry at us, defensiveness is simpler than forgiveness. God, however, wants us to seek things that are above, that are not the initial reactions, the easy answers, or the cheap words. Look up to Christ. Seek the quality. Serve the Lord. Laurie Brock

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