Thursday, July 7, 2016

Day #919

July 7, 2016

For a class I'm taking, I was asked to pick what story or parable Jesus told in scripture that I think might best describe my life. That’s an interesting question.

What I finally decided was the parable Jesus told in the Gospel of Matthew, chapter 13, verses 3-9. It’s the parable of the sower who randomly threw seeds that fell on all kinds of ground - some on the path so that the birds quickly devoured it, some on rocky ground, some among thorns, and some on good soil, that finally produced grain. I picked this as I thought about how for the first 19 years of my life, the word fell on the path of my heart but didn’t really have a good chance to take root, or fell on the rocky ground of my mind, then sprouted, but had shallow roots, or among thorns when I allowed other things to choke it out. Finally the word seemed to take root, and it continues to grow within me. Although, unfortunately, there are still times the word gets choked out by other things of this world - worries, laziness, busyness, etc.

Now there is a challenge - to "dwell" in this word on a daily basis for the next month and discover what else Jesus might have to say to me through it.

What parable/story do you think might best describe your life? And how might dwelling with that word speak to you in the next month? Maybe we can discover something new together!


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