Monday, July 25, 2016

Day #937

July 25, 2016

Laurie Brock wrote in the devotion “d365” about accepting we are loved by God. That is the grace of God, that God loves us first, unconditionally. 

I have often talked and thought about trusting God's grace, being thankful for God's grace, sharing God's grace, but the word accepting struck me differently this time. I guess I should say this time I heard it differently, or maybe more clearly. 

While I am sure I have heard something like this before, this time it was an "aha" moment. God gives love/grace. As we accept that there is nothing we can do about that, it changes us…forever. We are transformed, set free. That is the "aha" moment, and one that deepens an understanding for me of how God works. 

No wonder it is hard to understand God’s love and grace. It is hard to accept God is like that, for we humans not only have a hard time loving that way, we cannot. Our view of love and grace of that kind is sorely limited, for if we give love, we want to be loved back. We want to know the person we are loving will handle our hearts with care. That makes us vulnerable, and expectant. 

God, however, does not love us under the condition that we will love back. Maybe God hopes, but it is not a condition for God’s love. 

Can we accept this aspect of God? Can we live in response to it by loving others? Lots to think about!


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