Sunday, July 24, 2016

Day #935

July 23, 2016 

Some days there are just too many to pick one “intersection” so here are several (I love these kinds of days):

1. From Richard Rohr: “God doesn’t love you because you’re good. God loves you because God is good.” That is certainly something to ponder.

2. An article someone shared about pet euthanasia (with a warning, you may want a tissue handy): 5 Things I Wish You Knew Before Euthanizing Good words for all who love their fur-buddies!

3. From Rev. David Lose in his blog “In the Meantime:”
What if prayer isn’t simply a petition I send to God but rather is part of a more active and full relationship with God. Prayer, from this point of view, is less like putting a message in a bottle – or, for that matter, in an envelope or email – and setting it adrift in the sea and more like the regular conversation we have with others with whom we are in relationship.
And more later in his post: 
With regard to today’s story from Luke’s Gospel [see Luke 11:1-13], what occurs to me is the importance of how we translate one particular word: anaedeia in the Greek, which most translations render as “persistence” (11:8). But a better translation might be “shameless.” Our prayers to God ought to be bold, audacious, and unfailingly confident.
New insights into a very important part of the life of a Christian - prayer. There is always something new to learn about conversation with God through prayer. What does prayer mean for you?


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