Saturday, May 28, 2016

Day #878

May 27, 2016

I saw something on FaceBook (did not get the author) that I wanted to share. It was called “Seven Ways to Hurt Your Pastor.” However...

Certainly many pastors are hurt as they go about their calls. But I thought it might be more helpful to turn the things around to positives. I have been fortunate as a pastor to be the recipient of many of these, and I am very grateful for that!!

But I also believe these reminders could be helpful to many more people than just pastors - in fact, for most all of our relationships. So here are “Seven Ways to Support your pastor (and others):”
1. Praise the pastor’s family. Few things are as helpful to pastors as praising their families.
2. Say the pastor is not overpaid. Avoid making the pastor feel badly about his or her pay.
3. Defend the pastor. Be vocal in trying to help others see both sides of an issue, especially if the pastor is being loudly criticized.
4. Tell your pastor you understand their job isn’t always easy.
5. Be affirming. While occasionally criticism is necessary and constructive, be overall positive.
6. Avoid making comments about the pastor’s personal expenditures.
7. Point out ways your pastor’s preaching, sharing, and/or teaching inspires your spiritual growth.
Thank you for blessing me!!


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