Saturday, May 28, 2016

Day #873

May 22, 2016

What a fun time I had with the kids during the Children’s message. I went with the reading from Romans 5 about God’s love being poured into our hearts. Other pastors had given me an idea and I adapted it by setting an empty glass into a bowl. This represented our hearts. Then I had a pitcher of water. This was God’s love, and I slowly poured the water into the glass. The kids really got into it and kept saying, pour more, ramping up to "overflow it, overflow it!" So I did - then asked, what do we do with the extra that poured over? One said, give it to other people.

Absolutely awesome!!!! Then I splashed a little bit of “God’s love” onto them. We had a wonderful time!! What fun learning about God’s love!!

Also, I celebrate with my internship supervisor upon his retirement after 27 years at the same congregation. I am fortunate to have learned from him and served with him. Thank you Pastor Rinn, good and faithful servant!!


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