Thursday, May 19, 2016

Day #866

May 15, 2016

There are just too many things to name today that point to the intersection of faith and life. One is the Affirmation of Faith of two faithful and wonderful young men. Another, an awesome worship service with beautiful, inspiring music. Also, a lively discussion at the book reading meeting. And a trip to the hospital with someone that will turn out ok, thankfully. And there were many more.

But the day ended with this text from our Godson's Momma (Happy Birthday to her, too!!). Enjoy this "Simon says:"
Simon: I love you a whole lot.
His mom: a whole lot?
Simon: yes, a whole lot, but not more than God. If I loved you more than God that would be called an idol and that would be bad. I’m sorry, mom, but I can’t do that.
His mom: who can argue with that?!
 Gotta love it!!!


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