Saturday, May 28, 2016

Day #877

May 26, 2016

This reminder from the Women of the ELCA Blog strikes close to home. Often I am distracted by so many things when I’m with my husband, and I needed these words:
In late winter, I went to my mom’s home for a few days while she prepared for surgery and a hospital stay. I was stranded there by a snow storm.
My dear cranky old cat was left alone back at my place. He had plenty of food and water, but he was a needy monster when I returned, following me around, grumbling, mewing and crying. He needed attention and affection; he needed me to be really there.
I think this is a lesson about the things we are attached to – people and pets. Sometimes they just need us to be really there. Not distracted by tasks or electronic gadgets. Not physically present but mentally someplace else.
The best thing I did for my mom that week was to be there–present and supportive during a trying time. Even if my cat didn’t think so.
This message was adapted from “Being There,” written by Kate Elliott.

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