Thursday, May 19, 2016

Day #869

May 18, 2016

In preparation for this upcoming Sunday and the celebration of the Holy Trinity, Rev. David Lose had these words in his blog, "In the Meantime:"
So perhaps being part of a Trinitarian community is to be a community that looks outward rather than inward or even upward. Outward not inward: we are not called to survive, but to bear witness to the peace of God in Christ that responds to the needs of the neighbor. Outward not upward: God doesn’t need our good works, our neighbor does. In a sense, God in Christ takes care of all the “vertical” dimensions of our life – our relationship with God and eternal destiny, for starters! – so that we can throw ourselves into the “horizontal” dimensions of our live with those around us.
I really appreciate this perspective - God taking care of the upward/inward so that I can focus on the outward. Very cool!!


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