Saturday, February 9, 2019

Day #1861

February 4, 2019 

Today is World Cancer Day. Sadly! Because what a wonderful thing it would be if there were no more cancer and this day would not be necessary! 

But until then, what we can offer is prayer: for all those who are in the midst of the battle (and isn’t "battle" an appropriate term!); for all those who have come through the battle and are resting in the joy of healing and health; for all those who know someone - a friend or loved one - who is or has been affected and stand by their side through it all; and especially for all those who now rest in the arms of Jesus, whose cancer seemed to get the best of them and they did not survive this life. I venture most of us know someone(s) in each situation and who we pray for, or have prayed for, regularly.

There are so many types of cancer, much uniqueness to the disease, and so many differing responses to hearing the diagnosis. Some put on their gloves and fight hard, some try to fight but don’t have the resources, some gather an army around them and some suffer alone as much as possible. And no one probably really knows how they will react until, and unless, cancer affects them. But whatever the situation, please know prayers are with you, and you are really not alone! Ever!


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