Wednesday, August 8, 2018

Day #1676

August 3, 2018

With the resurrection of Jesus (the rest of the story following the Passion Play late Thursday evening), brunch and packing the cars, folks head back home, off to vacation, or to other various places and things. It was a good week at camp with lots of laughter, learning and sun. Thank you again to the youth who went, the counselors and staff who made it possible, and my hubby who did the driving. :-)

When we arrived home, another fun evening awaited us - comedian Jeff Foxworthy was performing his stand-up comedy at the fairgrounds. It’s the next to last day of the State Fair, so we spent a little time wandering the midway before we went to the concert. I think Foxworthy's show was summarized nicely by the woman we passed afterward talking on her cellphone: “It was really funny. Oh, yes, it was great. And no, he really didn’t use any bad language at all.” 

I’m amazed by the talent of someone who can make others laugh for nearly 90 straight minutes without using any props except a stool and a bottle of water. I suppose stories about life really can be that funny!


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