Wednesday, August 8, 2018

Day #1675

August 2, 2018

As Thursday rolls around, it becomes obvious the week is winding down. The faces of the youth mirror a sadness that this must all come to an end. Hopefully many will return next year, just as there are many who have returned this year. 

But before we go, there is one more campfire with worship. The leaders of the service were talking about one way that Jesus changes everything is by including everyone. The skit ended with a group of the youth making a circle that kept getting more and more crowded as people were welcomed in. Finally two little girls (daughters of one of the pastors volunteering this week - one of which cried out “Jesus” earlier in the week) came forward with the answer. When someone asked, "what are we going to do, it’s too crowded in this circle," they answered together: "MAKE THE CIRCLE BIGGER!" 

Perfect!!!! There IS room for everyone, if we just keep pushing out the size of the circle. It was a great reminder.

So a little early thank you for another week of being reminded Jesus Changes Everything. And a huge thank you to the dozens of folks who give their all to make certain these young folks know they are loved and valued!!!



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