Wednesday, August 8, 2018

Day #1674

August 1, 2018 

Each day during camp weeks, the counselors, staff and volunteers gather following breakfast for a brief staff meeting. Things are discussed such as what is coming up for the day, any needs there may be, etc. Wednesdays are special, however. Holy Communion is celebrated on Wednesday as a part of the meeting. This morning was exceptionally special. The counselors, nearing the end of their time together (this is the next to last week of the summer program), have been doing this for many weeks now and know one another well. They know each other’s strengths, and music/voice is definitely one. As the bread and wine were being passed, one of the counselors began to sing and others promptly joined in, beginning a holy time of singing that was amazing, harmonizing that was phenomenal, and drumming that was joyful. I found myself with tears in my eyes celebrating with them a summer of bonding and friendships that will last a lifetime. Community at its best.

Later in the afternoon, while enjoying some time by the lake, I was privileged to have deep conversations with a couple of the volunteers. These young men have just returned from a year of Global Mission work and had much to enlighten me about life in another country, life as a young person in general, and the future of church as they dream for it to be. It was truly a privilege to listen to their experiences and perceptions. 

There is so much to learn from one another - I pray to be a good student!


PS Time by the lake, for me, means feet in the water. :-) Ahhh....

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