Monday, January 30, 2017

Day #1119

January 23, 2017

Another Monday. Another Mystical Monday (see day #1098). The descriptive word for Jesus for the day - Comforter. 

Comforter, as defined by the dictionary, is a person or thing that provides consolation. Jesus provides consolation through his life, his death and most certainly through his resurrection. He provides consolation when we are mourning, when we are sick, when we lose hope, when we need direction and encouragement, etc. 

How? One way is through his teachings - “blessed are those who mourn, for they will be comforted” (Matthew 5, verse 4) is but one example. God’s face (in Jesus and the Holy Spirit) is turned toward those who are in need - always! Another way is through prayer. We can always, always pray to God and through Jesus, God hears our prayers and answers. Another way Jesus comforts is in worship, especially the celebration of Holy Communion, through the words, “the body of Christ given for you” and “the blood of Christ shed for you.” 

Perhaps, however, the most effective way Jesus comforts is through the presence of fellow believers. Those who pray with us, help direct us, worship with us, serve with us, give us hugs, listening ears and warm hearts. Yes, we may sometimes be the very ones Jesus uses to be co-workers with him in being comforters. 


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