Friday, January 29, 2016

Day #755

January 25, 2016

A couple for this day:
1. From L DeAne Lagerquist in God Pause:
When I was a youth, a wise woman touched me with sage words. It was not long after I graduated from college, in an adult forum at Ascension Lutheran Church in Los Angles. I wish that I could remember the woman's name; I'm certain she was involved in social service with elderly people. What she said that I do remember was simple but profound: at every stage of our lives, there are things that we cannot do. And the corollary is that at every stage there are things that we can do. Now that I am no longer so young, I take courage from this woman's observation...
Oh my yes, there are things I cannot do now that I miss - but then there are things I do now I would never have dreamed of doing twenty years ago. Or maybe dreamed of, but never thought would be a reality. These words are a good reminder to be grateful for all stages of life (especially as we make memories with dear friends).

2. A Simon-says. This from a conversation between our Godson and his mommy as they were playing pretend. I just L-O-V-E this:
Simon: Mommy, I am going to be the mommy and you are going to be the daddy.
Me: Okay.
Simon: I'm going to be at the hospital having a baby girl named Jonav. You are going to be at church preaching.
Me: Aren't I the Daddy? Is the Daddy preaching?
Simon: You know Mommy, boys can be pastors too!
Me: <Laughing hysterically>



  1. Thanks for a good laugh!

    I am struck by the words "be grateful for all stages of life"... I just had a conversation with my 93 year old MIL and she asked me why I thought God was continuing her life on earth, "some days are more that I can endure" she told me. This broke my heart. "Everyone I have ever loved is in Heaven" she declared. "That's simply not true" I reminded her, "there's many of us still right here". She smiled and patted my hand. And my heart broke a little bit more.

    1. It does break a heart! But I remind folks they are here to pray for all of us who need it - everyday.

    2. Thank you, that's a reminder that will resonate with her; I do appreciate your words!

    3. Thank you, that's a reminder that will resonate with her; I do appreciate your words!