Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Day #738

January 8, 2016

The Gospel for Sunday, January 10, is from Luke, the 3rd chapter, verses 15-22. John the Baptist tells the people he is not the Messiah, the one the people were expecting to come and restore their lives, importance, and respect.

In an interesting comparison of who John and Jesus are to one another, Brett Younger in d365 had this to say:
If John does not think someone measures up, he yells at them. Jesus talks to anyone who will talk to him. 
John preaches fire and brimstone, “If you don’t shape up, God will toss you into the incinerator.” Jesus preaches grace and forgiveness, “If you don’t shape up, God will love you anyway.” 
John pictures God as an angry judge, while Jesus pictures God as the host at a great party.
Then he went on to talk about the comparison of the church to John and Jesus:
Some churches are more like what John the Baptist had in mind than what you would expect from Jesus’ followers. Jesus called his disciples “friends”— people who enjoy one another, laugh, and hug. Christ’s church is the most fun you have ever had with the best friends you have ever known. God wants us to enjoy God’s love, so laugh, hug, talk, read, write, listen, dream, eat, play, and pray.
So...who would you see yourself being more like, John or Jesus? And what about your church? Or are we all, people and the church, just a little bit of both mixed together?!?!


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