Friday, January 15, 2016

Day #741

January 11, 2016

Why do I go to church? It’s a question I was asked many times before I became a pastor (I suppose it’s a little more obvious why I go now). Yet, the question, and the answer, of why do I go still applies.

I was reminded of that question by an article that came across my radar - you can read it here: Why do I go to church even when I don't feel like it?

Here’s my take-away from the article:
Going to church can be about holding this space in which to experience the grace of God together, learn together, fail and forgive and stumble forward together.
Yes, together! In all the ups and downs of relationships with people in the church - those that agree with us and build us up, right alongside those who disagree with most everything and tear us down - we are together. We laugh, we cry, we hope, we despair, we care, we share, we agree, we disagree, we dream, we, we, we… What a beautiful word - we!!!

Not alone, not just I. And for someone who tends to try to “do it myself,” I’m constantly reminded that we IS a most beautiful word. Because in the end, we are loved and forgiven by God. And hearing that every week in community is so much more powerful than hearing it alone.

God loves me and you, US! Wow! So come and worship and be together, with God!!


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