Tuesday, March 6, 2018

Day #1525

March 5, 2018 

This from the Moravian Daily Prayer:
O Lord, grant us a new spirit for work and growth today. May our hearts and minds be centered on the direction your Spirit seeks to guide us. May the work of our hands, our hearts and our minds please you this day. Amen.
inspired this prayer from me:
Gracious God, thank you for giving each of us meaning in our lives through the work of our minds, hearts and hands. May our minds be used for building up the kingdom in ways of creativity and inclusion, our hearts be turned toward you and our neighbor, and our hands busy with serving. And while our daily jobs vary in as many ways as we are people, may our vocation as Child of God and member of Your Kingdom, guide and direct us in ways that always bring you glory and honor. Amen.

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