Monday, February 12, 2018

Day #1495

February 3, 2018

Something I enjoy is having folks share things with me that have special meaning for them. Whether it’s a book, a letter, an email, even a text message or simple comment, their sharing with me a moment of God’s love and grace touches my heart (it's probably a part of why I’ve been blogging for these several years - 1,495 days and still going). 

Anyway, a Christmas letter was shared with me on this day with a focus on Mary, mother of Jesus, and the inspiration of her hope in the midst of waiting. It was a beautifully crafted letter about prayer, treasuring things in our heart, and how her being sustained from Jesus’ birth to the cross and beyond is a help to the writer in the midst of today’s world. 

May you be lifted up by someone’s ability to craft a picture of God’s love and grace with words. There’s so many writers with that ability. Thank you to them all! And you just might be that person for someone else!


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