Saturday, February 3, 2018

Day #1489

January 28, 2018

After weeks of planning and preparing and writing and meeting and, and, and, the time finally came for the annual congregation meeting. Time to approve the Spending Plan for the next year, to elect new council and other committee members, and to approve amendments to the constitution of the congregation. We were also blessed with an overage in contributions for 2017 and a decision on how to disburse those needed to be made. Lots to do. And yes, while the annual meeting happens every year, until it is over you never know exactly how things will go.

So how did it go? Wonderfully. Upbeat. Thankful. Grateful. Forward looking. Peaceful. May we always be as faithful!

And so I give thanks to God for these people and look forward to another year together. Where is God leading and guiding us? I pray we all listen to God’s guidance and are assured of God’s presence. We can’t do our ministry alone!


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