Saturday, February 3, 2018

Day #1490

January 29, 2018

On the heels of writing about being grateful for a healthy congregation and an upbeat annual meeting, I read of another place of worship from my past that has decided to sell its property and building. Oh, how I lament over the hours, the money, and the sweat and tears put into that building and that congregation by pastors, lay folks, the synod and the ELCA. My heart aches for these faithful people who have come to this realization, and I pray for God to lead them to their next step. Just because they lose a building doesn’t mean they lose their congregation! May that be so!

Therefore, on the heels of all this, my prayer for this week:
Almighty God, you call us into relationship with you and with one another. One way to do this is through a congregation. We know the church is the people you bring together to worship, learn, pray, and serve. However, we also know the congregation as the place from where we do these and where we find the gifts of friendship and family. Strengthen the congregations that are struggling to pay bills, find leaders, and make faithful decisions. Also, remind the congregations that seem blessed that their task is just as critical - to share your message and invite others into your presence. Thank you for the places to gather and for your presence in and among them. Amen. 

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