Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Day #1270

June 23, 2017

We witnessed the kindest action today - one that warmed my heart, but I have to admit, surprised me. 

We were in a place eating a quick lunch when at one of the nearby tables, an older gentleman spilled his drink. As he got up to get a couple of papertowels, a young gentleman at another table also got up. I watched, surprised, as he grabbed a handful of towels, got down on his knees, and mopped up the spill. He was not an employee. He was not with the couple where the spill occurred, nor did he know them. He asked no questions and made no comments, just pitched in and helped.

As the older couple thanked him profusely, I wanted to tell him how he had affected my day for the better, and made a lasting impression on me, but thinking I might embarrass him, I sadly let the moment pass. But I thank this young man (probably late teens) for being kind, I thank him for being a servant, and I thank him that I witnessed his action. Well done!!!


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