Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Day #1256

June 9, 2017 

This from Richard Rohr’s Daily Meditation caused me to think deeply:
If you can’t honor the Divine Indwelling—the indwelling presence of the Holy Spirit—within yourself, how could you see it in anybody else? You can’t. All awareness, enlightenment, aliveness, and transformation begins with recognizing that your DNA is divine and unearned as is everyone else’s. You realize that life, creation, people, animals, and the earth itself are all imbued with intrinsic worth and are to be respected for their own sake.
I was thinking about how Richard Rohr says every, every, creature carries the DNA, or the Imago Dei, of the Creator. And that DNA cannot be taken away from them – not by what they do or don’t do, what they seek after or don’t seek after, who they decide to follow or not. God’s imprint is on us all and in us all as DNA and cannot be eliminated or, seemingly, altered. 

How amazing is that?! And how humbling, especially when one begins to think they are better or worse than another, or loved more or less than another, or worth more or less than another. Wow - something to really think about!


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