Thursday, April 20, 2017

Day #1202

April 16, 2017

What a glorious Easter Sunday! Music, worshippers, children, the Good News!! What a joy and honor to worship the Lord.

And for Aunt Ginny, today was her homecoming. After many years of declining health, Ginny's fulfillment of her baptism happened early Easter morning. So it was fitting to read this in the WELCA Blog, Daily Grace, by Jenna Pulkowski:
Everything that I know about God’s love and grace has helped me to see death in an old age as a beautiful experience. Death is where our baptismal promises are  completed because in baptism we are joined to Christ through his death and resurrection. When we die, we belong to the resurrection. For all of us who have lost loved  ones,  we hold onto these baptismal promises. We know they aren’t a magic potion to make us feel better about death, but the hope our very lives is built upon. 
That is the great Good News, that because Jesus lives, we can live, too. And die, too, with hope and promise! Thanks be to God that Christ is Risen! Indeed that news is even more precious today. We love you, Aunt Ginny!


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