Saturday, April 15, 2017

Day #1201

April 15, 2017

As the day began on Holy Saturday (the in-between from Good Friday until the joy of the celebration of Easter resurrection) there were moments for silence, reflection, and final preparations. I am thankful for those.

However, I am even more thankful for a surprise phone call. While this blog was begun in honor of our Godson, Simon, many years before we even knew his parents, we stood at the baptism of another baby and promised to pray for him and help guide his life of faith. He’s now a freshman in college, soon finishing up his first year. But it hasn’t been an easy time for him or his family the last couple of months. His younger brother recently died from injuries sustained in a severe fall. During this tragedy, his family often spoke publicly about their faith. But today we had opportunity to speak with Sam directly when we received the phone call from him. We talked about how he and his family are doing, what he’s up to in school and life, and even shared a chuckle or two. It was wonderful to hear his voice and good to hear that his faith is helping sustain him and his family. I hope he knows, as does Simon, that our love and prayers continue. And know this for certain, neither of you are ever too old to be our Godsons!


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