Saturday, February 25, 2017

Day #1151

February 24, 2017 

This question struck me as one to share - what surprises you most about where you ended up in life? 

I suppose there are too many things to count. I never thought I might end up living almost all the way to the west coast. I never, ever dreamed growing up that I might be a pastor. I never thought I would be fortunate enough to find a wonderful man to share life with (even though I hoped I would). I never thought best friends from childhood would drift away into their own lives and I would move away into mine. 

There have been songs, movies and books written about the possibility of time travel. One idea I love is writing a letter as an adult to my youth self, encouraging me to keep going, looking ahead, and realizing that what seems overwhelming now just may (probably will) seem insignificant as time goes by, no matter how enormous it feels at the time. Wonder what time I would have chosen to write to myself? Would I have listened? Or would it just have made matters worse and frightened me even more about what might be coming?

And yet, with all these thoughts about looking forward, they seem shallow when good friends are living a nightmare in the present, doing their best to trust now and hope for a brighter tomorrow as others surround them with prayer and good thoughts. I talked with the father of our first Godson’s brother, the one who fell (see the bottom of Day #1147). While there is minimal improvement, there are still many unanswered questions. Prayers abound. And thank you for joining us in praying for Jason. 


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