Saturday, February 25, 2017

Day #1149

February 22, 2017 

On the day when graduating Lutheran seminarians across America wait to hear where they will be "sent" for their first assignment area, I am reminded of what that felt like for me nearly ten years ago. Where would God send me to make the best use of the gifts and talents God has instilled in me? Would there be a congregation there who would accept and welcome me? Would we all thrive as we worked and served together? How long might the process take to find one another? Would it mean moving far away or staying nearby? There were so many questions and so much angst as we waited. 

Of course, hindsight is 20/20. There was no need to worry. God knew exactly the place where I needed to be and there I served with wonderful, spirit-filled, faithful people. It was not far away from where I had been living. And the process took the exact right amount of time. 

May all those waiting be filled with peace and assurance of the working of the Holy Spirit. The church needs your gifts and there is a place for you to use them. Thanks be to God!


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