Saturday, February 11, 2017

Day #1134

February 7, 2017 

It’s been sort of a “community building” kind of week with reminders in many places of how difficult it can be to live in community. It’s not easy to determine what is fair, what needs to be done to make certain that there is justice for all, and what, if any, consequences there should be for breaking the rules put in place to help make fairness happen. 

What is fair when it comes to a neighborhood, a family, a congregation, a classroom, a workplace? And who gets to decide? And, who enforces the rules? 

Hmm…not an easy thing. And yet what one person does can affect everyone else, as Rev. David Lose reminded me in his blog, In the Meantime. Actually, what one person does almost always has an affect on others. 

Oh the joys and the challenges of community - but then aren’t they worth it in the end?!


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