Thursday, November 17, 2016

Day #1048

November 13, 2016

Rarely do we see Sunday morning television (it seems we have something else we are normally doing on Sunday mornings - haha). But there was a particular segment the hubby wanted to see, so we taped CBS Sunday Morning. 

In watching the show with him, I found myself intrigued by one of the segments. It was called The Wedding Gift and was about a couple finally opening their last wedding present - a box from her great-aunt with a note that said to not open it until their first disagreement. In nine years of “spats” they had not opened the gift, worried the next disagreement might be worse and the gift would then be needed more. When they recently opened the gift, finally, it wasn’t because they were fighting, but because they weren’t. It was then they realized the real gift wasn’t in the box, but what they already had done between them - learned tolerance and patience. That is what had brought them through many ups, downs and trials. The reporter ended with something like: we all have within us what we need to be in relationship. What we all need to do is dig deep and find those things. 

Which reiterated to me that perhaps listening, commitment, and determination are three of the major keys to any relationship. What might our world be like with a little more of these, that are found in each of us?!?!


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