Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Day #1161

March 6, 2017 

Mystical Monday - and the word to describe Jesus for the day? Healer. 

The healer of our body, mind and spirit. The Great Physician. But what happens when the physical or emotional healing we pray for doesn’t come as we expect? Has Jesus let us down? Does it mean Jesus isn’t who we think he is or have been taught to believe he is? 

Difficult, honest questions and ones with no easy answers. Yet, they are all ones Jesus understands. Things do not always go as we pray for them to, but that doesn’t mean Jesus isn’t the Great Physician. There may be things we cannot know that are happening behind the scenes, things that impact our lives. I cannot begin to understand all the ripples my life makes, or those of folks around me. But I trust God knows, and I ask God to help me to trust.

Ultimately, I do believe Jesus is the Healer providing me with love and grace I also cannot fully understand. Thanks be to God for that!


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