Saturday, March 4, 2017

Day #1153

February 26, 2017 

While there has been concern expressed about area congregations coming together to sing hymns at a local brewery, the Ministerial Association once again “sponsored” a couple of hours of doing just that - and a fun time was had by the few who attended. 

The lower attendance may have been due to the weather being lousy, the Grammys on television, or that it was just a night of conflicts. However, this way of taking the Good News out into the world meant a couple of neat things happened:
  • One patron had just stopped in with no idea he would be surrounded by singing, much less hymns. However, he said he loved it and felt the present of the Lord.
  • Another said he would love to do more (the event has also been a fundraiser for Family Promise) not only with the organization, but with these “singings.” 
  • And one more said he loved it and that it took him back to his childhood. 
Guess we never know where we might can be a witness. Sometimes it may be in the most unlikely of places. A reminder that God is good, all the time!


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