Saturday, June 25, 2016

Day #906

June 24, 2016

Six people sat around a table at a meeting, wordsmithing a flyer/story/ask for funds. What we were doing was important work. And the creativity and excitement that flowed between us was awesome to watch and be a part of.

Wordsmithing is something I do a lot (and work at - a LOT). Writing sermons, studies, letters, articles, even speaking with others, requires thought and, honestly, discipline. Sometimes you cannot just say what you want the way you want. It won’t be heard.

Over the years I’ve tried to learn to focus more on listening than talking, yet I’m often expected to be vocal. Well, at least once a week. :-)

I made the statement that it would be fun to have six people collaborate/wordsmith a sermon every week? Maybe, but then there would be the need to hone another skill - compromise. In the midst of the creativity is also the need to let go of your idea once it’s on the table so that another person's improvement of it might bear better fruit.

Hmm...there really was a lot going on around that table.


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