Saturday, June 18, 2016

Day #897

June 15, 2016

Years ago I worked with someone who had a story to tell after going to get his driver’s license renewed. He said that the line was long, the people grumpy, and, of all days, the camera wasn’t working to get the renewal card issued. The person tried and tried and finally in great frustration exclaimed: “I HATE MY JOB! This equipment don’t never work!!”

When my co-worker told me the story, we both laughed. But for years now that line from his story has been uttered by me many times, over things like the copier, the printer, the phone, the washing machine, etc.

Today, it was uttered over Skype. Trying to have a conference call/education piece, we were delayed 45 minutes because “that equipment don’t never work!” We finally prevailed and the “class” was accomplished.

And a smile from a good memory once again crossed my face.


PS Please note - I don’t hate my job. EVER!!

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