Saturday, April 7, 2018

Day #1557

April 6, 2018 

As we drove across some of Montana toward home, it looked like it could be January. However, it’s really Montana Day - 4-06. Trust me, it’s not an old photo, it was taken this morning.

When we arrived home, we found an “ice alien” had attached to our truck’s wheel. Kind of pretty, in a dirty ice sort of way.

Then the day ended with enjoying some special music at a community concert - thanks to the generosity of a Christmas gift of tickets. Steel drum artist/player, Paul McDermand, gave a great performance, along with some education about the instrument. He said that in Trinidad, where the steel drum was “invented,” it became an instrument/sign of hope. When those in power tried to crush the hope of the people by taking away their musical instruments, keeping them down and controlled, it could not be done. The music did not die. Instead, the steel drum was born, fashioned from the bottoms of 55-gallon oil drums. And the music - and hope - lived. Happy music, in fact. 

It was certainly a happy concert and we left feeling uplifted. Great performance, Mr. McDermand. And a great job!


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