Monday, August 10, 2015

Day #585

August 8, 2015
We all need peace in our lives. Some of us need more peace than others, especially at certain times. An unsettling week with many pieces of news that were not what I hoped to hear, and some other things that just seemed to push my buttons (see Day #583), the “impatient with others” moments are happening more often than I like (thank you, dear husband, for enduring!). So when I saw this, I knew it is what I need:
Silently speak this centering prayer throughout the day: 
Peace be with you, _________ (your name).
Peace be with you, _________ (the name of someone you know who needs peace).
This reminder really helps. It is similar to the prayer I have suggested to others:
Breath in, calling on the name of Jesus
Breath out, releasing the troubling emotion – be it anger, frustration, etc.
What I appreciate about this one, however, it’s not just for me. It’s also for others in my life who greatly need God’s peace right now!! Know I am remembering you in prayer!!

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