Monday, May 1, 2017

Day #1209

April 23, 2017 

It is customary that at the end of each Time with the Children during worship I invite them to pray with me, repeating after me the words of the prayer. So when something happened, or more accurately did not happen, on Easter Sunday, I was shocked. What was it? It was that I forgot and didn’t pray with the children. What has become one of the most precious parts of spending time with them was missed…and on EASTER! 

When I realized later in the day that I had forgotten, I just kept saying/lamenting, “I didn’t pray?!” In fact, I said it so many times that my dear husband finally said, “Let it go!”

So when I asked the children this week what we missed doing on Easter, one of them knew exactly what I meant. Almost immediately he said, “We didn’t pray.” 

What a wonderful thing that the children have come to expect prayer each week…and that it was missed! 

Then there was this:

Our Godson’s loss of another tooth is just another reminder that time is passing quickly and he’s growing up. Sigh!!


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